More Sports Betting Laws In 2018? Some Legislative Calendars Are Getting Short As Bills Are Left Hanging

Written on:April 29, 2018
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Hanging Sloth

In 2018, one state, West Virginia, has passed a new sports betting law. The legislatures in almost 20 other states also considered new sports betting legislation. The current legislative session has already adjourned in four of these states, and will adjourn soon in most of the others.

Currently, sports betting is banned by federal law. However, a case currently before the US Supreme Court, the New Jersey sports betting case, may lead to the repeal of the federal ban, allowing individual states to legalize sports betting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Several state legislatures wind up their work year in early spring, including Indiana and Mississippi.
  • West Virginia, which has passed a 2018 WV sports betting law, is the only state so far to do so.
  • The West Virginia law has passed into law without active support from Governor Jim Justice, who did not sign the bill.

“Sudden movement at the federal level spawned a wave of sports betting bills in 2018, spanning much of the eastern US.”

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