Archeologists Unearth Medieval Die That May Have Been Used to Cheat

Written on:April 26, 2018
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Medieval Die

Archaeologist have recently discovered 600-year-old dice from Norway that are perceived to have been used to cheat in various games. You see, the dice was made with four sides two of which are fives, and two of which are the number two. Of course cheating is never good, but it is quite intriguing to find methods of cheating used when it comes to hundreds of years ago. The dice were made of wood aside from the ink that was used.

Key Takeaways:

  • These particular dice were made with two sides of the number two, and two sides of the number six.
  • These days are said to be over 600 years old by the time archaeologist finally came across them.
  • These dice were said to have first originated in Norway and are made out of wooden material.

“According to project manager Per Christian Underhaug, the dice were found in a district with a number of inns and pubs, which means there were likely lots of games being played in the area.”

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