Las Vegas Congresswoman Argues for Preservation of Online Gambling in America

Written on:April 28, 2018
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There are many lawmakers that want to enforce stricter regulations when it comes to American gambling laws. However, Congress members such as Dina Titus are pushing for states to be allowed to make their own regulations irregardless of what the federal law states. The jurisdiction was ruled in her favor, because they found that it did not break any regulations that were currently in place. Therefore, it is now acceptable for several states to make their own gambling regulations and mandatory standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dina Titus is a Nevada district congressional representative, who is very pro the preservation of online gambling within her state.
  • The DOJ agreed with Titus that the states should have individual say over the issue of online gambling, as sports betting could be construed as a separate issue.
  • Titus bolstered her argument by pointing out that online revenues shored up Atlantic City coffers during a slough in the city’s live gambling economy.

“Writing to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the congresswoman urged that the 2011 Justice Department ruling was upheld – a ruling which argued that individual states could make their own decisions on internet gambling in line with the Fed Wire Act of 1961.”

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