New Jersey, Nevada To Make History Next Month With Online Poker

Written on:May 24, 2018
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New Jersey and Nevada may have some popular cities that tourists frequent, but the states are still considered rather small when looking at the online poker world. Both states have decided to come together in a collaborative effort in order to play as a united front. Officials are excited about the pairing, because this is the first time that a partnership like this has been made in the online betting marketplace between two states combined.

Key Takeaways:

  • The governor of Nevada, Gov. Brian Sandoval, is who decided to put the contract in place with Nevada and New Jersey.
  • There has never been a collaboration like this done between two states in all of online gambling’s history.
  • Residents will have to download a new software and create a whole new account in order to participate.

“The Nevada-Delaware online poker liquidity sharing arrangement offered little help to both markets because of their small populations. Nevada has about three million people; Delaware has under one million; and New Jersey has nine million. The populations alone show how big of boost the Garden State would offer to the Nevada and Delaware online poker industries.”

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