A Lawmaker Finally Asks The Online Gambling Question We’ve Been Waiting To Hear

Written on:May 22, 2018
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Missouri State Representative Peter Merideth has asked an excellent question with no real answer: why are states rushing to legalize online sports betting in order to capture this source of revenue while neglecting the potential of legalized, regulated online casino games? Legalizing online casino gambling provides the same potential to institutionalize consumer protections and crack down on the black market and shady proprietors that has prompted states to explore legalize daily sports and online sports gambling, but with the potential for a much larger pool of revenue for the state — as much as two tones more, by some estimates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Legalizing betting is already an option for every single state across the nation.
  • Legalized gambling is going to provide more profit than even sports betting once legislation is put into place.
  • Officials are trying to find a way that they can profit off of legalized gambling while ensuring that their consumers are safe.

“During a sports betting hearing on Wednesday, Missouri Rep. Peter Merideth had the following exchange with Mike Winter, a lobbyist for the Missouri Gaming Association, representing the state’s 13 casinos.”

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