Are we leaving gaming’s future to chance?

Written on:April 21, 2018
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Future of Gaming

When it comes to American gambling laws, the regulations have become a little blurred. Some aspects have not evolved much, such as the government defining gambling as a practice where an individual has to pay some type of monetary incentive in order to participate. There are a few areas that have changed a bit due to many gambling platforms offer digital currencies as rewards now, so it is up to lawmakers to evolve with current times, but many areas still have a lot of unmarked territory that need to be addressed.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to gambling, they label it as a game of chance. But the government does not do a good job of providing us with a proper explanation of what chance really is.
  • When it comes to other offenses that people commit, there is a fine line between what a crime is and what it isn’t. We need the same for gambling laws.
  • With the digital age accepting cryptocurrency as a form of incentives, the gambling laws have had to evolve somewhat as well.

“Faced with the accelerating changes of the digital age- social media, virtual goods, new formats and platforms-American gambling law threatens to become not merely outdated, but irrelevant and even un-Constitutional.”

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