Choosing an Online Slot Machine

Written on:January 17, 2009
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The first thing you should do before selecting an online slot game is check out the odds on the game. One rule of thumb to remember is that machines that require a higher value of coins will yield higher odds. Also, consider the number of reels that the machine has (3-reel, 4-reel, 5-reel, and sometimes even more). The more reels a machine has, the higher payouts it will produce, but the odds are better on those games with fewer reels.

Read the directions on machines with multi-lines, as they can often be confusing to play. In these types of online slot games, each additional coin bet activates another payline. Determine what you want to win and how much you have to bet to get that win. If you are going for a big jackpot score, then find a slot with a lower top line jackpot, but with a stronger overall paytable.

Most profits will come from the mid-level payouts. Those games with bigger top line jackpots are more elusive and play a smaller factor in your returns. Online slots that require smaller bets often yield higher payouts, so pay attention to how much you have to bet to get a the payout you want. If you want to place big bets, go for the progressive online slot games, but if you want to place small bets, find an online slot machine that pays higher for smaller bets. Always pay close attention to the options available to you within each online slot machine.

Many online slots have multiplier signs. These signs will multiply your winnings by 2, 4, 10, etc. Many of these slots are good for single coin bets because they do not have a penalty for betting one coin. Other slots will offer bonus multipliers. These games award you with a bonus value, but you have to bet the maximum coin value in order to get the bonus. Online slot games featuring multiple paylines will have a variety of ways that you can play and win. If you really like to gamble, look for online slot games that have the “Gamble” option. This feature allows you to gamble your winnings up to five times, double-or-nothing. If you want a big score, you can gamble your winnings up to a nice jackpot for yourself.

Ultimately, you should find an online slot game that you understand and are comfortable playing. Often if you work your way up from the simplest of machines, it is easier to grasp the more complicated games later on.

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