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PlayersJet was founded by Internet pioneers with deep expertise in the components that make a web site successful. In the early days of the web there were no standards for success, but in a short amount of time, standards emerged that made a company's presence on the web more professional and in line with their organizational goals. The companies that created and understood these standards early on built trust and loyalty with their customers, creating a strong position for themselves in the marketplace.

Today, the Online Gambling industry is at a cross-roads. With the amazing popularity of poker tournaments and the seemingly unending growth of gambling related revenues throughout the world, everyone is rushing to market to capitalize on the income potential. Unfortunately Online Gambling is largely an unregulated industry, giving rise to unethical and sometimes corrupt practices that seek to exploit unsuspecting players, which is why PlayersJet was created; to help you find trusted online casinos, trusted poker sites, trusted sportsbooks, trusted bingo sites and trusted slots.

So, how can you be safe? How do you know how to choose a trusted online casino, poker room or sportsbooks? It begins with research into a casino operator's background, how they conduct business and who else can attest to their credibility. With over 2000 online gambling sites out on the web it can be a pretty daunting task to find the most trusted online casinos and poker rooms. Luckily, PlayersJet has done the work for you by reviewing all of these sites using our proprietary methodology to filter out the sites which are most trustable and which sites you should avoid.

Our methodology was developed by considering 5 overall areas of an online gambling site:
1) Credentials
2) Player Focus
3) Professionalism
4) Customer Service
5) Affiliate Relations

Credentials consist of 3rd party watchdogs that provide certification to the Online Gambling industry. While many sites refer to their credentials, it is important to recognize which credentials are reputable and which are questionable. For our methodology, the credentials deemed most reputable include the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), BMM Testlabs, Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA), and the Gambling Commission. Other credentials include the posting of payout statistics that are audited by a 3rd party accounting firm such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Player Focus refers to how well a casino operator treats their players. Finding trusted online casinos that offer generous sign on bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs helps to retain more players, and, more importantly points to more sophisticated marketing methods and investment in technology to maintain player relationships. A trusted online casino also shows that they care about your needs by providing players with FAQs, parental control software and links to assist problem gamblers.

Professionalism refers to the overall design, content and construction of a site. It stands to reason that a casino operator that invests more money into the look-and-feel of their site is taking their online presence more seriously and likely has more backing than a smaller casino operator. A trusted online casino, poker room or sportsbook will also provide information about their privacy policy and terms and conditions, while sparing their users from needless pop-ups.

Customer Service is a key aspect to providing a more trusting relationship, after all, when you have an issue to raise, you want peace of mind that it can be resolved immediately by contacting them directly. A trusted online casino is one that offers 24/7 customer support via a toll free telephone number, suggesting that they have a reasonably sized staff -- an operator that only provides an email link is likely a much smaller operation.

Affiliate relations are very important to the Online Gambling industry. It's one thing for an individual to have a problem with payment from a casino operator, but if many people are having problems with payments there is cause for great concern. Casino affiliates are on the front-lines of the online gambling industry, dealing with various operators on a daily basis. It is their interaction with each operator that provides important information on the health of an online casino. Affiliates communicate directly with players on the web and with each other, sharing experiences and helping to regulate the industry from within.

To view the details of our Trust Rank for any individual site, just click on the "View Report" button found throughout our site.

Of course, our Trust Rank is only one part of the solution to finding the most trusted online casinos and poker rooms. The next step is to talk to other people who have played at an online gambling site to find out what their experiences has been like. PlayersJet helps to facilitate this step in the process by providing a forum for player reviews that are attached to every site. We include every review whether it is good or bad, to help you make the most informed decision possible. We encourage you to submit a review for every casino, poker rooom, sportsbook or bingo site you have played at. If the site isn't listed with us, please let us know about it.