New Jersey’s Foray into the Online Gambling Industry Paves the Way for Other States to Follow Suit

Written on:November 30, 2013
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For those who are looking to play online poker in US satellites and tournaments, their dreams are appearing to be one step closer to a reality. Although online poker and gaming has been legally curtailed in the country for a number of years, legislation is slowly warming to this idea. New Jersey is the first state to legalize online gambling and many analysts feel that it will not be the last. This is excellent news for those living in the United States that are avid gaming fans, for they will soon to be able to enjoy opportunities that were literally unheard of only a few short months ago. So, what impact will this move have on the online gaming industry as a whole within the country?

The Tip of the Iceberg?

Although it is unlikely that we will see online poker sites opening up in the state of Nevada any time soon, the willingness for New Jersey to adopt these platforms is a strong signal that other states may be soon to follow suit. This is particularly the case for states such as Delaware and California, as there has already been discussion as to this possibility for some time. Even though this recent event has made international headlines, many individuals are steadily waiting to see how this “litmus test” proves to sit with other state legislatures. It is actually highly likely that others will take a “wait and see” approach during this initial phase to ascertain what effect online gaming has upon the New Jersey economy.

The Big Question

In reality, the success or failure of online poker games has less to do with legal “red tape” as it does with the efficacy in bringing what may prove to be much-needed revenue to a certain state. While it is indeed true that the top online gaming platforms are quite attractive to players of all ages, the income that they may bring to local governments will be the real test of their worth. It can only be assumed that governments have begun to realise the massive amount of revenue that these virtual options can provide; examples such as Europe and the United Kingdom solidifying their usefulness. So, many believe that the decision to open up the doors in New Jersey for the online poker room has less to do with following a trend as it does with the potential for a great deal of income generation.

Getting on the Bandwagon

Most gaming enthusiasts now believe that it is only a matter of time before other states jump on board this massive online trend. In truth, such a phenomenon is hard to deny. As a greater number of individuals now have access to smartphones and high-speed Internet, their demand for reliable platforms will continue to grow. Naturally, the regulations may be quite stringent at first along with the types of payment methods, but this should not slow the influx of games across the United States. However, it also should be noted that such a paradigm shift will take time. For example, there will naturally be some opposition from the physical community of casinos (as they fear that their profits may fall) as well as from a handful of state and local politicians. Still, no one can deny the allure or the potential financial opportunities that online poker tournaments will offer the player. Furthermore, if we consider that many fans are now adept at the use of VPN’s (virtual private networks) for anonymity, it is quite possibly only a matter of time before the United States will embrace the online gaming industry.

This has caused many of the larger gaming-related social media sites to take notice and by the tone of many players posting their opinions, it can be argued that the eventual entrance of poker online as well as various other games is truly only a matter of time. However, it is wise to take these recent events with an air of patience, for the regulatory bodies will not change their policies overnight. There may be strict requirements for platforms that wish to open their doors to the American gambling subculture. Nonetheless, New Jersey represents a real and viable future for online gaming, and this fever may soon take hold in various other states.

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