New December Gambling Site Additions

Written on:December 15, 2010
Add One

It has been awhile since we added new online gambling sites to the database, so we are catching up with several sites that probably have been out there for awhile. We strive to have as complete a database as possible, but are aware that we probably have about 50% of websites reviewed. The following sites have been reviewed and added in the past week:

Website Trust Rank US Friendly
Slot Madness 77 Yes 84 Yes
Casino LaVida 98 No
Sun Bingo 87 No
The Sportsbook 43 Yes
Aced Poker 64 Yes
Red Flush Casino 98 No
Casino Red Kings 78 No
Bet Red Kings 57 No
Jetbull Sports 65 No
Jetbull Casino 67 No
Jetbull Poker 73 No
Lock Casino 66 Yes
Wink Bingo 68 No
Posh Bingo 79 No
Tasty Bingo 75 No
Red Bus Bingo 79 No
777 Dealer 60 No
GR88 83 Yes

None of the sites scored a TR100, but Red Flush Casino and Casino LaVida were very close, both scoring TR98.  If you play at any of these online gambling sites, please come back and give us your review.

Microgaming Casinos Online

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Fall Gambling Site Database Clean Up

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The Step-by-Step Art of Winning at Bingo!?

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Everyone has their own strategy when they play bingo online the 75 ball bingo game. Below is a step by step method of increasing your chances of winning in deposit bingo! When you start to play bingo the 75 ball game a ball is selected from the hopper which is numbered between 1 to 75 which is also allotted letters. You have a 1:75 probability of pulling for instance B1….


Breaking Down the Final Four

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Party Poker is Ramping Up its Poker Playing Team

Written on:January 22, 2010

Kara Scott, an up-and-coming poker player, has signed on to be a member of Team Party at Party Poker. She will join other members of the team in representing Party Poker at poker-related events and tournaments throughout the world. Other members of the team are Felipe Ramos, Ian Frazier, Remy Biechel, Bodo Sbrzensy, Steward Scott and Mike Sexton. Sexton is a 2009 Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Scott is considered…


Getting Past Bad beats in Texas Hold’em

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888’s Bright Future

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Gaming Company 20 Percent Growth Forecast in Industry, as Shares Shoot Up 3.4 Percent Confident Future 888 Holdings Plc, which is the second largest Internet gambling company within the United Kingdom, has a bright future. The company saw its stock price jump up to about 3.4% and issued a report detailing a future filled with utmost confidence, as it predicted growth of more than 20% in the online gaming industry…


Rules for Managing Your Bankroll in No-limit Texas Hold’em

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Using Tells in No-limit Texas Hold’em

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The information gained from tells can be invaluable while playing No-limit Texas Hold’em at online poker sites, but only if used properly. When used improperly, it can cause your game to become overrun with confusion, and cause you to start second guessing your own strategy. You should always be observing your opponents, even when you are not in a hand, in the hopes of picking up on patterns in their…