Sports betting: New Jersey expects Supreme Court win and is preparing

Written on:March 12, 2018
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Atlantic City

Currently, in the sports betting world, perhaps no other state holds an essential and effective monopoly over the industry than that of Nevada, most specifically Las Vegas. As the Supreme Court begins to finalize their decisions regarding how best to deal with sports gambling, the state of New Jersey is setting its sights forward. In doing so, New Jersey now hopes to claim their stake in the popular gambling options, as the Nevada monopoly comes to an end.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the Professional Amateur Sports Betting Protection Act gets overturned, a possibility still potentially months away, Nevada’s monopoly on sports betting will end.
  • Around the world, betting sites are prepping for an overthtow, including Oceanside racetrack, which is expanding its bar in anticipation.
  • If PASPA is indeed overturned, Congress will in all likelihood have to institute a new regulatory body to oversee illegalities.

“The director of the state Division of Gaming Enforcement told a global industry conference in London this month that companies offering sports betting platforms should apply for licenses now if they want to get in on the action in Atlantic City.”

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