Sans Steve Wynn, Is Online Gambling Back On The Menu For Wynn Resorts?

Written on:March 5, 2018
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Steve Wynn

Online gambling has become a hot debate and interesting topic for the casino industry, as regulations surrounding the gaming has yet to be fully established, and casinos still do not know how to handle it. Steve Wynn, an avid opponent of casino gaming, has now been ousted from his position at the top of his company’s executive board, leaving many to question whether or not the Wynn resorts will begin to accept online gambling in his absence.

Key Takeaways:

  • After allegations of sexual harassment, Steve Wynn stepped down from his position.
  • As a result, this opens a new perception of possible support for online gambling by the resorts.
  • Wynn was initially against it because of the lack of regulations that existed.

“Wynn’s views of online gambling have been hard to pin down in recent years. But as Chris Grove noted in a recent Grove Report, “Wynn was ambivalent at best, opposed at worst when it came to online gambling.””

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