Online gaming, sports betting could get a shot this legislative session

Written on:March 29, 2018
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If proposed legislation in Connecticut passes this year, it will be the first step in the process of expanding legalized gambling in the state. Specifically, the bill requires hiring a consultant to look at the impact of all current forms of gambling statewide and to develop a strategic plan for additional types of gambling moving forward. The consultant would study the authorization of additional casinos, as well as legalizing online gaming and sports betting. According to Connecticut Representative Joe Verrengia, the bill is a no-brainer because legislators need this type of guidance to understanding all of the complex issues surrounding expanding gambling in their state.

Key Takeaways:

  • In Hartford, a bill that calls for the hiring of a consultant to assess the impact of gambling on the state will be up for approval.
  • Joe Verengia, of West Hartford, and a democrat, feels that this particular piece of legislation should pass as a ‘no brainer.’
  • Verengia also believes the bill constitutes a logical first step in opening up the way for more gambling revenue in the state.

“But it’s other gambling-related legislation that may have a better chance of passing.”

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