New York Senate Proposes Budget that Includes Legal Online Poker, Sports Betting

Written on:March 30, 2018
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New York State Senate

Online poker has long been a dream of many New Yorkers, and as of recently, it may become a reality. The New York Senate has submitted a proposal that would allow for legal, regulated online poker and sports betting opportunities. If the proposal is accepted, New York could become the 5th state in the United States to allow for online gambling and sports betting. Senate officials are not celebrating early, however. This is the 2nd time that this proposal has been submitted to Supreme Court for approval.

Key Takeaways:

  • With the New York Senate including online poker and sports betting in their proposed 2018 fiscal year budget, there is hope that they will follow in Pennsylvania’s footsteps and legalize betting.
  • The New York state Senate considered legalized online gambling two times in the past and both times the measure failed.
  • In New York, an internet poker bill would have to pass The Senate and The Assembly before going to the Governor’s desk for final approval.

“Poker players in New York received a glimmer of hope about a future world that doesn’t require them to drive to New Jersey, thanks to a proposed state Senate budget that calls for regulated online poker and sports betting.”

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