Nevada AG Hates Online Poker and is Running for Governor

Written on:March 26, 2018
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Nevada Online Poker

Adam Laxalt – Nevada Attorney General is going to be running for Governor this coming fall. The surprising element associated with his pursuit of the Governor position is that Laxalt is very openly against legalizing online gambling in Nevada. Considering that Nevada is considered the gambling capital of the United States, it does not seem like he will gain many supporters in his efforts. Laxalt’s major concerns with legalizing gambling seem to be how the practice will be regulated, and where the money to support this endeavor would come from.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sheldon Adelson is a CEO and major Republican donor, intent on eliminating online gambling in the U.S.
  • Adam Laxalt, the Nevada State’s Attorney General, is a staunch supporter of Adelson’s anti-online gambling stance.
  • As it stands, RAWA is not officially interpreted to mean all forms of online gambling are banned, but that could change under Lexalt.

“That he has thrown his hat into the ring is significant because he is extremely anti-online poker.”

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