Whether States Act Or Not, Online Gambling Is Already Happening

Written on:February 3, 2018
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States need to develop a plan to deal with online gambling. You have to be able to realize that not as many people are going to need to be hired by different online casinos. The online casinos are not there to put money in the coffers of states, they are there to put money in the hands of their investors.

Online casinos do need an information technology department, but you aren’t seeing the kind of capital investment that many of these communities need in order to thrive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite Daily Fantasy Sports being regarded as a form of illegal gaming in many states, two variants, FanDual and DraftKings are active in many states.
  • Sports betters in the US can circumnavigate state anti-gaming regs by going the route of offshore betting.
  • Such offshore sites happily take on American wagers, sucking in tens of millions of American dollars annually.

“If a lawmaker thinks not acting on fantasy sports — ie not passing a law to regulate it — is going to stop it from taking place in their state, they are often sadly mistaken:”

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