Online Gambling in the Caribbean

Written on:February 11, 2018
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Online Gambling in the Caribbean

Smartphones and other handheld devices are making the online gambling world much more prominent each day. As new technology develops, more and more people find themselves interested in virtual gambling settings versus land-based casinos. The Caribbean has put legislation in place to regulate some areas of betting, but most regions are still allowed to gamble online on various platforms. Law makers expect more expansive regulations to be put into place in the future in order to provide more detail on what is and isn’t allowed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite the fact that there exist several notable casinos between Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, the gaming scene, as far as the Caribbean goes, is much more active online.
  • With the inception,of the Free Trade and processing Act of 1994, Antigua and Barbuda christened the online gaming industry.
  • In the Caribbean, but also in other areas too, online gaming should see a bonanza of growth due to the increased use of mobile technology.

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