Online Gambling Could Be A Good Answer For States With Budget Woes

Written on:February 10, 2018
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Online poker companies could help fill budget holes for governors. The governors out there are able to embrace this new economy where a large number of things are done online. The information technology department for a company has to be able to stand up and be ready. A state like California would want a company in their state to have a large information technology department so they can have more taxpayers contributing to their system. This is important if you look at California’s deficit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many states are looking to online gaming to solve budget deficit woes, including Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island and Illinois.
  • According to Senator William Conley, the Rhode Island legislature has online gambling on its radar for 2018 as a way to bring in much needed revenue.
  • The Illinois Senate passed online gaming last year, however, the bill did not get approved by the House.

“The state would receive a nice windfall from upfront licensing fees (well over $100 million) and solid ongoing revenue from taxes.”

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