LetBet Pioneers in Blockchain to Make Online Gambling Safe and Legal in Your Neighborhood

Written on:February 13, 2018
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Even though there are very rarely any repercussions surrounding illegal gambling online, it is still considered risky business. LetBet is now creating a revolutionary platform where users can safely and legally place bets online and enjoy a casino setting without as many legal and currency restrictions. LetBet allows users to gamble with coins referred to as LBT coins, serving as a form of cryptocurrency that proves to be much more secure and trustworthy to play with.

Key Takeaways:

  • The worldwide gaming industry constitutes an heretofore unanticipated, borderless economy of such wealth that it is expected to pass the fifty million mark in 2018.
  • Blockchain is aiming, via its technology, to make the gambling industry safer and fairer, thereby lessening the corruption that has sadly been the status quo.
  • By use of innovative smart contracts Blockchain is looking to add transparency and proveability to a system that is often skewed against the wager-placer

“You can safely bet that many governments would like to be collecting taxes on this rapidly expanding market, which has doubled in size since 2011.”

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