Illinois Online Gambling Unpredictable for 2018

Written on:February 6, 2018
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There is some confusion about whether online gambling/poker will be able to fill many of the budget holes that the state of Illinois is face. There are some people that are skeptical of the way the legislation is written and they believe that there are some loopholes that companies may use to under report their revenue. The concept of under reporting the revenue would defeat the entire purpose of legalizing the online gambling. You need to know that people are going to have an enjoyable experience out of the gaming process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online gambling has an uncertain future in Illinois since last year’s Senate bill (S.208) passed the Senate in May but failed to get through the House.
  • The online gambling bill died in the House once scheduled hearings were cancelled and the bill failed to get on the final debate agenda.
  • It’s possible that the Illinois legislature will be open to discussing other types of gambling this year, such as slot machines in racetracks and new casinos.

“The companion bill on the House side (H.479), however, failed to even make it through the House Executive Committee in June. Hearings were scheduled but cancelled.”

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