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Written on:October 26, 2010
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We have recently updated the PlayersJet database removing those websites that are no longer with us; 24 Carat Casino, Bikini Poker, Nevada Online Casino, we hardly knew ya.

When we set out to build a useful portal of online gambling sites, the first thing we noticed was that there were a lot of online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks out there. Well over 1,000 in fact. After reviewing a few of them, as a new online gambler, you start wondering to yourself, is this a safe place to deposit money and why would I choose one online casino over another. Our answer was to create a Trust Ranking algorithm to help answer these questions. The PlayersJet Trust Rank considers over 30 criteria for every online casino, poker room and sportsbook and computes a score. Apparently our standards were pretty high as less than 5% of online gambling sites crossed the threshold of a 100 score.

Early in 2005 when we launched PlayersJet we faced a lot of criticism as some well respected operators were either scoring low, or had been missed altogether by our review. We defended our methodology as a guide to helping the new gambler with making their decision, as we were new to this whole industry ourselves, and after all players can provide reviews if they really like one casino over another to help with the scoring.

We score sites much like a school exam where a 90 is an A and below 60 is failing. After going through this round of updates to our database, a clear trend has shown itself, where online gambling sites scoring below 60% have disappeared with greater frequency than those with higher scores.? In fact, the scoring follows an expected trend with higher ranked sites around at a higher rate than lower ranked sites.

Casinos, Poker Rooms and Sportsbooks Remaining in Our Database:

Grade Trust Rank Casinos Poker Rooms Sportsbooks
A 90-100 80% 90% 67%
B 80-89 62% 76% 57%
C 70-79 53% 37% 64%
D 60-69 48% 54% 40%
F Below 60 32% 50% 34%

The one number that sticks out from the rest is the Poker Rooms scoring between 70-79, which is due to the fact that there were very few poker rooms that scored in that specific range. 19 to be exact.

When looking across all of the websites in our database we get the following aggregate results for gambling websites that remain in our database:

All Gambling Sites Remaining in Our Database

Grade Trust Rank All Gambling Sites
A 90-100 82%
B 80-89 64%
C 70-79 54%
D 60-69 52%
F Below 60 39%

The resulting trend…an online gambling website scoring below 60 is less likely to stick around than those that are receiving a passing score.

There is also a nice jump between a grade of A and B, so those sites scoring a 90 or higher can be trusted at a pretty high level of confidence. If you look at some of those sites that have disappeared in the A grade range, they have mostly been consolidated into other brands such as Havana Club into Platinum Play, Royal Vegas Poker into Poker Time, or Vegas USA and Trident Lounge into King Neptunes Casino, meaning that if you had signed up with one of the prior sites you would have been transferred over to the latter sites with deposits and winnings protected. The same can’t be said for most of the sites that were failing to begin with. Players on those websites likely were left without their deposits, winnings or recourse.

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