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Written on:February 21, 2009
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It doesn’t matter if you play off line or online poker. Everyone wants to build a large stack during a tournament. Some of those people don’t know what to do with those chips though. You have to use them effectively to control the table.

The big stack should be the bully while trying to build their stack bigger and eliminate players. If you can control the table and dictate the size of the pots then you can get much better reads. You can play at the blinds more and if re-raised be pretty certain that they have a hand.

Bullies should always be aware of their opponents chip stack size. You don’t want to raise will 8-7 suited and have your opponent go all-in behind you. Doubling them up is bad even with the right odds.

If you think the short stack is going in with Ace little or a small pair then it’s your job to make a call with a hand like KQ suited and try to eliminate them. Just ensure that the all-in is not huge enough it will really hurt your stack.

However, if you are getting bad cards, that doesn’t mean you use bad sense and just go on aggression. You should still fold. Playing bad cards will only create bad situations. If you have been pushing the table around, your opponents are not going to give you credit for premium hands.

Think about your hand and what your opponent would do with it. If they are a short stack and would fold then that’s what you should do. If you think they would go all-in, then do it first and put the pressure on them.

Being the bully requires you to gamble with some of your chips. It’s okay to lose some as long as you win overall. Being the table captain, will require some getting used to if you have never been the table bully but once you master it, you will be in a better position to win more chips and the tournament.

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