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Gambling Site Gambling Type
Sign On Bonus
Bovada Sports Online Sportsbook 100 BONUS $250 Bovada Sports Review
Las Vegas USA Online Online Casino 100 BONUS $500 Las Vegas USA Review
Carbon Poker Online Poker Room 100 BONUS $600 Carbon Poker Review
Bovada Poker Online Poker Room 100 BONUS $1,000 Bovada Poker Review
Bovada Casino Online Online Casino 100 BONUS $500 Bovada Casino Review
US Online Sportsbook 99 BONUS $250 Review
Bet Online Online Sportsbook 98 BONUS $900 Bet Online Review
Superbook Online Sportsbook 96 BONUS $100 Superbook Review
Slots Plus Online Casino Slot 95 BONUS $777 Slots Plus Review
Diamond Sportsbook Online Sportsbook 95 BONUS $500 Diamond Sportsbook Review
PDC Poker Online Poker Room 95 BONUS $600 PDC Poker Review
Casino Titan Online Online Casino 95 BONUS $3,000 Casino Titan Review

Best Casinos Review
 Trust Rank:97 Review

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As you look around our site, you will notice a number associated with every online gambling site called a "TrustRank". This number is derived from an individual review of each website, taking note of over 30 unique factors which are fed into an algorithm to arrive at an overall score. For example, an online casino may be considered more trusted if they show their payouts, but they are considered more trusted if the payouts are independently audited. We currently have 1,047 online gambling sites ranked and ready for your review, with more being added every day.

The best information you can have before you try betting online is a personal recommendation from another player. We allow players to openly review sites so you can get the inside scoop on other players experiences, just find the online casino, online poker site, online sportsbook, online bingo site or online slot you are looking for and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit a review.

Reviews (both good and bad) from players like you who have something to say about the online gambling sites they play. Here's the most recent review submitted:

Bet Victor Review
 TrustRank: 100 Bet Victor Review
Bet Victor

 The Ryan Air of Bookmakers, November 14, 2012
Reviewer: A Guy from London

The worst customer service on the planet, the most backwards security department. Despite being a legit customer, not even seeking any bonuses or promotions, they held my money and refused to release it or allow me to gamble with it until I had wasted an hour of my time finding, scanning, emailing, then emailing documents to them again. Even having gone through that it was a month of chasing them repeatedly just to get my deposit back. I passionately hate this company, it's staff, it's shareholders and it's name. If I could pick one company on earth to destroy, it would not be a polluting oil company, it would not be a monopolistic giant like tesco, it would not be an unethical politically interfering company like Goldman Sachs, it would be Bet Victor. I HATE YOU BETVICTOR - YOU TOTALLY SUCK IN EVERY WAY

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Getting Started in Gambling Online

Q: What is Online Gambling?

Online gambling is defined as the placing of bets with an online casino, sportsbook or poker room through the Internet. While traditional gambling involves two or more persons involved in the exchange of bets, online gambling, especially through online casinos, generally takes place between a single person and a web server. In the case of online poker, rooms pit 9-10 players against each other, meaning that each person is playing against other people rather than a computer. The odds for the player are the same at online casinos as they are elsewhere thanks to the use of random number generators that create the same level of chance that would be found in real world casinos.

Q: How to Choose a Place to Play?

There are many online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks starting up every day on the web, making it difficult for someone new to gambling online to know which operators are reputable, who provides stable software and which processors can handle a transaction from your jurisdiction. PlayersJet can help greatly in your search for the best sites, as we provide rankings and reviews for all betting sites from casinos to poker rooms to sportsbooks. For another opinion on which sites to play, we recommend as a reputable source for online gambling information.

Q: How Do I Know Who I Can Trust?

When you first encounter an online casino, it can be a little daunting with the flashing images, pop-up windows asking you to download their software and in-your-face no deposit casino bonuses. Getting through all of that clutter is what the PlayerJet TrustRank (TR) system is all about. PlayersJet TR is a proprietary algorithm that factors over 30 data points to help you find the best places to play. Our algorithm takes into account internal factors such as audited payouts, customer service and player friendly terms, but also considers many external factors such as third party certification, player reviews and affiliate relationship.